CDC confirms case of bird flu in Colorado man but says the public health risk assessment remains low – ZellaNews


“This is the second human case related to this particular group of H5 viruses which can be at present predominant, and the first case in the United States,” the CDC stated.

Zoos are moving their birds indoors to protect them against a deadly strain of the avian flu

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) stated the man is a state inmate youthful than 40 who was working at a industrial farm in Montrose County.

The man has recovered after experiencing fatigue, CDPHE stated. He is at present remoted and is being handled with the antiviral drug oseltamivir.

“Repeat testing on the individual was unfavorable for influenza,” Colorado officers stated in the assertion. “Because the individual was in shut contact with contaminated poultry, the virus might have been in the individual’s nostril with out inflicting an infection.”

The CDC additionally stated it is potential that the detection was a end result of floor contamination.

“This one H5-optimistic human case doesn’t change the human health risk assessment,” the CDC stated. “CDC is taking routine preparedness and prevention measures, which incorporates an current candidate vaccine virus that could possibly be used to make vaccine for individuals if one have been wanted.”

Avian Flu Fast Facts

People who’re at increased risk of an infection as a result of of common contact with contaminated birds ought to take precautions outlined on the CDC’s web site. Avoid contact with poultry that seem unwell or are lifeless, and keep away from contact with surfaces that look like contaminated with feces from wild or home birds. If dealing with wild birds or poultry, put on gloves and wash your arms while you’re accomplished. Wear a face masks and goggles if potential.

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